Donate Bitcoin on-chain.

Donate Bitcoin via the Lightning Network.

Donations are never converted back to fiat and are used to pay The Surfer Kids coaches’ salaries directly in Bitcoin, which is the primary way in which we hope to drive adoption in the township.

Donations also support the operation of a Bitcoin education center in the township where we provide assistance, support and education around Bitcoin for community members and vendors.

Whichever way they’re used, Bitcoin donations will only be used if it contributes to the wider adoption of Bitcoin.

All on-chain Bitcoin are stored in self-custody wallets by The Surfer Kids & Bitcoin Ekasi and as far as possible connected to our own full-nodes. While some (but not all) lightning network wallets are custodial. As far as possible (and responsible) we always gravitate towards self-custody and contributing to the decentralization of the network.

We are not interested in alternative crypto currencies, or so-called alt-coins. We are focused exclusively on Bitcoin and the Lightning Network as we believe that this is where the true disruption lies.

The problems we face as a global society aren’t solved by added functionality but by a robust and fully decentralized network that cannot ever, under any circumstances, be co-opted by anyone.